Steffie Brocoli

Steffie Brocoli memory game4

Steffie Brocoli memory game Steffie Brocoli memory game2 Steffie Brocoli card Steffie Brocoli memory game5 Steffie Brocoli - Nuit print

Love all the wonderful, wonderful works by Steffie Brocoli. How much love, you say? I almost feel overwhelmed! Steffie has worked with great people in the creative industry, such as Wrap Magazine and Fine Little Day, and her style really stands out to me. The vibrant colours, beautiful shapes and just all so.. delicate? (Such as the little books with small pop-ups or bee-keepers, just so sweet!) Wish I could own it all!

You could own something! See her lovely Etsy shop here and her brand new site hereMagnifique!

Helen Musselwhite

paper house by helen musselwhite

Awesome paper house by Helen Musselwhite
See some more paper houses here (by Ana Serrano)

Burger Queen

Burger Queen

Quite cheesy, as you’d expect.


Milo Mirabelli teapots

Milo Mirabelli teapots

Amazing teapots by Milo Mirabelli. See more here.

Solar Altitude


Sandra Gramm, solar altitude, Berlin 2014

Absolutely love this solar system mobile by Sandra Gramm [solar altitude, Berlin 2014]

Modernist Building Blocks

Modernist building blocks Modernist building blocks Modernist building blocks

Pretty sweet, these modernist building blocks. Via Abel Sloane 1934

Walkee without Talkee

Walkee-bike Walkee-bike

Absolutely love this Walkee-Bike by William B. Fageol, great design! Via

Yrjö Edelmann Paintings

A packed_view _over_ harmonic_ blue _fields_2011_90x80cm_Front Fundamental_Aspects_of_Red_II_2013_40x30cm1 Dimensional_Analysis_of_grey_and_blue_Powderfields_II_2013_60x100cm1.jpg yrjo edelmann gift wrap paintings

Love these amazing gift wrap paintings by Yrjö Edelmann. (Source)

Gum Palette

Gum palette. (pic by libertatea)

Gum palette
(pic by libertatea, via present and correct)

Abstract Alphabet – Paul Cox

Abstract alphabet - Paul Cox

Abstract alphabet - Paul Cox Abstract alphabet - Paul Cox
Abstract alphabet - Paul Cox


On my wishlist of abstract things (books, prints and toys) – Abstract Alphabet by Paul Cox