63 Objects taken from my Son’s Mouth

I’ve been thinking of making an alphabet book or some sort of number/counting book for my daughter with photos of (to her recognisable) objects in and around our home. I’ll share a few books later on that inspired me. For today, I came across this brilliant little book by Lenka Clayton. It’s just perfect; 63 Objects taken from my Son’s Mouth. From Lenka’s website:

Sixty-three objects that I had to take out of son’s mouth on safety grounds, from age 8 – 15 months.  The collection indirectly documents those months of our lives, and includes currency from three countries, and odds and ends from underneath the working table where we made Mysterious Letters (Paris).”

Browsing Lenka’s works, it’s safe to say that I have another favourite artist now. Measuring the distance I can be from my son? I wish I had thought of that. All in all, great stuff! Check out her works here. Below: 63 Objects taken from my Son’s Mouth (project by Lenka Clayton, Brett Yasko and Tom Little)

(Via itsnicethat)

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Imaginary Planes

imaginary planes

imaginary planes

imaginary planes

imaginary planes

imaginary planes

imaginary planes

Absolutely love these imaginary planes by Peteris Lidaka. Great design, if only planes would look this diverse! See more here, they are the coolest!


Steffie Brocoli

Steffie Brocoli memory game4

Steffie Brocoli memory game Steffie Brocoli memory game2 Steffie Brocoli card Steffie Brocoli memory game5 Steffie Brocoli - Nuit print

Love all the wonderful, wonderful works by Steffie Brocoli. Steffie has worked with great people in the creative industry, such as Wrap Magazine and Fine Little Day, and her style really stands out to me. The vibrant colours, beautiful shapes and just all so.. delicate? (Such as the little books with small pop-ups or bee-keepers, just so sweet!) See her lovely Etsy shop here and her brand new site hereMagnifique!